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Rubber Slitter Machine Rings | Polyurethane Rubber Tubes | Work Gallery – Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc.

3150 Ridgeway Dr. Unit#35


Polyurethane & Rubbers


High polish finish or rough texture finish for printing or grip for driving product. Tolerances +/-0.002″ overall.


To run concentric (true) with bearing seat 0.002″ T.I.R. for smooth quiet operation, and reducing vibration.

Pharmaceutical/Food Processing

-Food grade (FDA)
-Non-marking white or clear materials
-Capping Rings/Chuck inserts
-Filling Nozzles Overflow Seals

Rings/Suction Disc. Seals

All sizes, OD’s. ID’s widths and durometer hardness. A wide range of suction disc. for varieties of stock or load capacity. Large to small quantity runs.

* Custom parts to optimize production and processing
* Duplication of O.E.M. parts (Replacements)

Bonding to metals

Superior hot vulcanizing bonding fusion between polyurethane/rubber to metals. Also cool bond applications for sensitive parts.

Rollers/Wheels or Slitter Rings

Regrinding of all Rollers, Wheels, Slitter Rings for a cost efficient way to save. We can remove as little material as possible or needed to clean up or true up all rollers, wheels or slitter rings to the spec’s needed.


-All sizes, hardness and colours
-Machined to run concentric if needed
-Sleeving to run true with shafts

Cappers Rings/Overflow Nozzle Seals

-Capping rings for all brand name machines
-Durable hardness for maximum gripping
-Durable non-marking material
-Filling Overflow Nozzle Seals

* Removal of old materials from metal cores or plates for recovering of new Polyurethane or Rubber.

Polyurethane Rubber Rollers Wheels & slitter rings

Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc. is well known among their clients for its superior quality and durable Polyurethane products. We are inspired from the motto of exceeding customer expectations through our products and provide them the right solutions. At our work gallery section, you can check out the images of some of our well-crafted products.

Polyurethane Parts

We have combined the aesthetic aspect with durability to create the outcomes which are an epitome of functionality and fine finish. Check out the products like Polyurethane Parts, Polyurethane Rollers, Polyurethane Rubber Rollers, Polyurethane Wheels, suction discs, capper rings, Polyurethane rubber slitter rings in high quality images along with their crucial details mentioned!