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The right selection of rubber product supplier ensure 100% customer satisfaction - Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc.

3150 Ridgeway Dr. Unit#35


In today’s marketplace, customer satisfaction is the essential ingredient for a successful business. Customer satisfaction is the measure of how well the expectation of a customer regarding a particular product or service has been fulfilled. This is quite an abstract concept which includes answering various questions such as

  • How good is the product?
  • What is the quality?
  • How much is the price?

Rubber products are extremely adaptable which can be utilized for various commercial and mechanical applications. For customers, the daunting task is to choose the best among the several rubber product suppliers. There are many out in the market who offer customized rubber products each almost looks similar to that of its competitors at a quick glance, so the million dollar question is, how to choose the best among the crowd?

#Refer to their past history

Among the numerous suppliers out in the market, look for the one which has a maximum number of happy customers. When it comes to suppliers customers alone can give the right input. You can always choose the references of the individuals who have worked with the company in the past.

However due care should be taken since

  • Suppliers are usually required to sign an NDA to keep private information
  • Even if you get a good reference, there is no guarantee of their reliability as the requirement may differ from customer to customer

#No compromise when it comes to quality

The fundamental question to ask when choosing the right product supplier is Quality. This is the greatest deciding factor which ensures a happy customer. You could choose a number of rubber product suppliers and narrow them down based on their quality. There is not much to worry about the reliability of the reference as you could always get a few samples of their work and check for yourself.

A good quality product ensures reliability and long-lasting. Before you make up your mind to choose a supplier who offers products at a lower rate, be cautious that

  • The material composition won’t be up to the mark
  • They won’t be having numerous happy customers
  • There are always high chances that the product might fail

#for how long are they out in the game?

When it comes to choosing the right rubber product supplier, always make sure to pick up the one who is out in the game for quite some time. It is always better to pick up the one who is out in the game for a minimum of 5 years. Today’s market environment is constantly filled with a high competition where most of the suppliers are striving hard for their survival. In addition, you should also check for yourself, about the extent of improvement in their operation and ups and downs in their revenue over the years.

# how is their ethical standard?

A supplier with a strong ethical standard will have a value among the customers, for the ones which are out in the market for long are those having proper ethical standard coupled with a strong business model.

When it comes to choosing the right supplier, questions such as

Is there any suspicion in their activity?

Are they using the industry grade raw materials for manufacturing?

Are they paying enough wages and safe environment?  could give quality information about the ethics followed by the supplier