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Polyurethane Rubber Products Manufacturers

What we offer


Durable hard working material

Resilient – Tear resistant

Non-marking – High impact

All colour and hardness

Ethers/Esters additives


Great in hot conditions

Steam or moisture





Quality control

100% to Specification

Delivery on time

High polish finish

Concentric/Run True

(Rollers and Wheels)

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Polyurethane Rubber Products Manufacturers
Polyurethane Rubber Products Manufacturers

Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc.

Precision Finishing

P.T.R. Inc. takes great pride in its finishing department, with precision tolerances second to none on all items/parts that need machining or grinding to size. Tolerances of T.I.R. 0.002″ to run concentric or true with the bearing seat, and an overall length flatness of 0.002″ on items such as rollers or wheels.

High Polish

High polish finish can be achieved on print and laminating rollers. Also rough coarse texture can be applied on pull – feed rollers or wheels for a better grip creating a positive traction for driving or pulling stock.

Superior Bonding

Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc. superior bonding application creates a fusion between polyurethanes and rubbers to metals. Baked at 240 degrees F. for approximately 8 hours, vulcanizes these materials together. There is also a cool bonding system for such things as bearings or items sensitive to heat.

Durable / Resilient

P.T.R. Inc. materials are manufactured from scratch to create a durable/ resilient hard or soft durometer hardness. From a 10-A very soft to a 75-D hard high impact material, we customize all shapes and sizes. After the rubber/polyurethane is fully cured, some of these items need fine tuning. Now entering the finish department, we complete product by cylindrical grinding, machining or milling. Rubber Parts are calibrated and inspected as per drawing or tolerance supplied

Liquid Filling Nozzle Seals Products

Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc. has a great selection of Polyurethane Products and rubber rings. From a large slitter ring to an overflow piston seal or even smaller our suction disc’s rings. Liquid Filling Nozzle Seals, Gasket, sheets, tubes, rods are just a few more items we produce.

Polyrubber Tool & Roll Inc. Is among the leading Polyurethane rubber manufacturers and an industrial supplier of Polyurethane rubber rollers and other rubber products. We take great pride in our finishing department, where we machine or grind our Rubber and Polyurethane rollers and wheels to run concentric, along with any other product needing a critical tolerance.

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